FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions


1. Use the Ticket Reservation form to send us your booking.

2. We will reply you with your booking status within 12 hours! If our tickets are still available, we will issue the payment details ad send to you.

3. After you make the payment on time, we will send you the voucher and other details.

4. You will print the voucher out then exchange for the tickets at our ticket counter in Hanoi and Lao Cai railways station to check in our train.


  • Dining carriage is not available on our train.
  • WC is NOT in cabin. It is located at the end of the carriage.
  • Passengers need to be at the railways station at least 40 minutes before the departure time to check in the train.
  • Lao Cai railways station is located about 1 hour and a half by bus driving from Sapa.
  • Hanoi railways station is located in the center of Hanoi and about 60 minutes by taxi/car from Noi Bai airport
  • Train voucher will be sent to you through email within 24 hours after your payment.
  • The railways station in Hanoi will issue tickets for departing from Hanoi. The railways station in Lao Cai (Sapa) will issue the tickets departing from Lao Cai (Sapa).
  • Tickets are available about one hour prior to the departure time at our ticket counter in Hanoi and Lao Cai railways station. Our ticket counters are open about 2 hours before the departing time!
  • Tickets are NOT issued at our sales office or at travel agents. You also do not need the tickets to be sent to the hotel to avoid the lost of tickets while you can get it right away before get in our train at our ticket counters!


In Hanoi: There are 2 entrances in Hanoi Railways station! The first entrance (called entrance A) is located at Le Duan Street. The back entrance (called entrance B) is located at No 1 Tran Quy Cap street. Our ticket counter is located near the entrance B inside the railways station!

When you arrive at entrance B (No 1 Tran Quy Cap street), you will see a big building in front of your eyes. On the right of your eyes is the International Waiting Room. There is a small alley between the big building and the waiting room. Our ticket counter is located at the end of the alley, near the ATM. This is also the counter of all other trains so you will see the names of the trains at the counter! You can also ask the officials at the railways station for help if you could not find our ticket office. Voucher should be with you for better guide!

In Sapa: Gate 02 – Lao Cai Railways Station. Hotline: 091 691 9393. Our ticket counter is at the Peter Chef restaurant (327 Khanh Yen street, Pho Moi, Lao Cai) which is about 50m right outside of the railways station gate. Please ask your hotel receptionist in Sapa to call a taxi for you to this restaurant for tickets.

All of our hotline numbers are Vietnamese speaking staff so please ask your hotel receptionist, travel agent, or taxi driver to call us before you arrive for smooth pick up if you need.