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The best train between Hanoi and Sapa, Vietnam

Orient Express Train Sapa
Orient Express Train Sapa

Orient Express Train Sapa is a good reputation as a brand, provides travel train tickets from Hanoi to Sapa with more experience in railway system in Vietnam. Orient Express Train Sapa offers an inspirational experience onboard as well the time to enjoy the beauty of evocative destinations.

“Orient Express Train Sapa will ensure the most comfortable trip for visitors to Sapa!”

Orient Express train Sapa is designed with modern style, the air-conditioned, the comfort facilities of the wooden-paneling cabins will make our passengers feel very close and cozy. Passengers have the best opportunity to relax or simply let the beauty gliding over your spacious windows. Luxury, inspiration and refreshment are main characters of these cabins.

All cabins on Orient Express Train Sapa are modernly equipped with superior facilities like in a standard hotel’s room with air conditioners, in addition to the clean and pure private bathroom cabin at the end of each carriage.

VIP 2 Berth Cabin
VIP 2 Berth Cabin

Orient Express train Sapa has cozy wooden carriage, with 2 soft berths called VIP cabin. Each berth is equipped with individual reading lights, baggage storage and spacious trunk for suite case and hand luggage. These cabins are designed to for those who desire to have the privacy with remarkable interior decor.

Deluxe 4 Berth Cabin
Deluxe 4 Berth Cabin

We also have Deluxe 4 berth cabin for you to share or book the entire cabin for your family and own group!

Orient Express Train Sapa Toilet
Orient Express Train Sapa Toilet

Staff professionalism is also a vantage point of the Orient Express train Sapa because we are well-trained and always willing to assist you whenever you need with enthusiastic and helpful manners.

Orient Express Train Sapa
Our VIP searvices

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SP1: Depart Hanoi at: 21:35 PM Arrive Lao Cai (Sapa) at 05:45 AM (Next morning)
SP2: Depart Lao Cai (Sapa) at 20:55 PM Arrive Hanoi at 04:32 AM (Next morning)


Cabin TypeDeluxe CabinVIP Cabin
Prices USD 31USD 65
  • DELUXE CABIN: Sharing 4 soft berth air-conditioning cabin with blankets, cushion, cookies, mineral water, cold towers, and tooth paste. If you want to book and pay for the entire 4 berth cabin but for less than 4 passengers, please specify the number of passengers is 4 in the booking form.
  • VIP 2 BERTH CABIN: Private 2 soft berth air-conditioning cabin with blankets, cushion, drinks, cold towers, and tooth paste. THE CABIN IS NOT SHARING SO YOU WILL NEED TO PURCHASE THE ENTIRE CABIN (02 TICKETS) EVEN THERE IS ONLY ONE OF YOU.
  • The prices are per one-way ticket.

99% travelers choose Orient Express Train Sapa for the best train trip from Hanoi to Sapa.